Reporting Changes to Household Information

Written by Access Health CT | Published February 14th, 2023 | Updated February 14th, 2023

If any of your personal information changes during the year, changes should be reported within 30 days or as quickly as possible. If we don't have the most up-to-date information it can make it harder for us to get in touch with you about your account and it can affect the amount of financial help you can receive or result in owing the IRS. 

Account Changes to Stay Connected



Understand how to make the most of your plan benefits and keep in touch about important customer renewal information. 

Sign In and click on "Edit my Settings", then click "Update Contact Information" to update your mailing address, add an email address or opt-in to receive text messages. 


Application Changes to Report 



Keep your account details updated to ensure your financial help is accurate. 

Sign In and click "Report Income or Household Changes" to report changes to household address, income, or remove someone from your account. 

Know The Type of Change Reported:  

If you are reporting an application change that impacts the amount of financial help you receive (like reporting more income than estimated previously), you may receive a notice canceling your current plan and a separate notice alerting you about the new plan you are now enrolled in with the updated amount of financial help reflecting the change you reported. This can impact plan benefits like your yearly deductible and out-of-pocket maximums. 


Know Your Household:  

Understanding who is included in your household will help determine what changes need to be reported.  When you estimate your income to receive financial help you should count income for everyone in your tax household. Therefore, if anyone’s income changes during the year, the total income amount listed in your application should be adjusted accordingly and reported immediately to ensure you receive the proper amount of financial help. Other household changes should also be reported (Ex: Your dependent changes their intended filing status). Unreported changes to income can lead to owing the IRS so it is important to keep your account details updated.