Premium Amount Changes

Written by Access Health CT | Published October 25th, 2023 | Updated October 25th, 2023

Why is my bill higher this year compared to last year?

Note: Please know that premium rates can increase from year to year.

Your premium (an amount that's paid for an insurance policy) is based on: 
1. Your age at the start of the policy
2. Your county (where you live within the state since it affects premium rates)

The amount of financial help (known as advanced premium tax credit) is based on: 
1. Projected household annual income 
2. Household size

How much will you pay?
Your Premium Rate minus (-) any Financial Help amount (if you qualify)

The insurance companies that offer coverage through Access Health CT have issued rate increases for plans being offered in 2024. This means that if you were enrolled in a health plan in 2023 and will continue with that plan for 2024, you may need to pay more in premium per month than last year. Rate increases must be approved by the Connecticut Insurance Department.

For more information on specific rate increases, you should view the rate increase justification issued by your insurance carrier:

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